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You have your product, you have your page views, but where's the revenue? Every product has an end goal and we are here to make sure you get to yours by putting in the hard work so that you don't have to. We set a number of Key Metrics for our projects based on communication and research with you at the start of a project. Once we have set these we begin to build your project with these metrics at the core of everything we do helping create a product that achieves your desired outcome, be it selling your products or informing your users of important information.


Research is a key part of each of our projects and so at the very beginning we will make sure we understand what your core aims are. This is done through in depth discussions with you about what it is you want to achieve with your project adding our own experienced point of view to help form a clear image of your end goal and to establish your projects key success metrics.


Once we have established the projects key metrics, we build out the project with these at the core of everything we do. On completition of the project, we analyse the project based on the key metrics that we established at the start of the project and report back to you with the successes and make adjustments based on the failings leaving you with a product that gets you results.